The Point of No Return

Sooo, this week (actually this was a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to publish the draft, oops) I finally got up the courage and...

mailed in my homeschool affidavit. I don't know why this step was so nerve-wracking except that it makes my decision official, a kind of "point of no return" for this coming year. It's not irreversible, of course. But it feels that way.

I know so many good people here that work within the school system. Members of the city school board, and the state board of education are among my circle. Perhaps this is why I feel some anxiety about our decision to go a different way. I do not harbor animosity toward these good people or disrespect the many excellent teachers and administrators that work diligently to educate the children in this community. As I have mentioned before, our decision to homeschool was not in response to anything horrible within the system. Our choice was an action, not a reaction. I feel that I have received clear spiritual direction that this is the proper course for us. As a mother, I am entitled to receive guidance from God regarding my child and only my child. That means I do NOT know what is best for YOUR child or the kids down the street, or whomever. I do know that God will inspire mothers and fathers to do what is in their childrens' best interests.

On that note, we made it through our first "academic" week of homeschool! I decided to start by doing math every day as well as one other subject. So the first day, we did math and grammar. The second day we did math and spelling. and so on. Math went great! Better than I expected! We had a little trouble the first day since it was review (not popular with my boy), and we resolved the tears by skipping ahead to the next section. We flew through the entire first chapter of our math book in 4 days! Granted, it was the shortest chapter, but I'm still proud of us! Yay! This week we will add to our schedule and try to do 3 subjects each day. Let's see where that gets us. I am loving this!

Aside from academics, we have had Grandma and Grandpa visit. We had so much fun with them! We had a picnic in the park, visited the local gardener's market, and took a trip up Logan Canyon to see Tony Grave Lake and Bear Lake. How do we deserve to live in such a beautiful place?!?!


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