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Princess Poppy Dress Tutorial

A friend asked if I could make “Poppy” dresses for her two girls for Halloween. I was like, “What’s Poppy?” Yeah, so I don’t usually keep up on the latest animated movies. No really, I didn’t see “Frozen” until it had been out on video for maybe a year. But since Poppy is most likely the “Elsa” of this Halloween, I figured I had better get with the times. So here it is:

I started with a basic A-line dress pattern. You could use any one you like or draft your own. I used the one designed by The Cottage Mama, included in her book, “Sew Classic Clothes for Girls.” As you can see, I traced out the size I wanted onto several taped-together sheets of paper.

Since this dress will not be the same on both sides, left and right, I wanted to make up a full pattern, one that would not be placed on the fold. So I cut out my first tracing, and traced that onto another set of taped-together pieces of paper.

I cut out the second one and taped them together down the middle to create one piece.

I penc…

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