Geeking Out: 3,000 gigabytes used to be a lot

Cara and I are Star Trek fans (and not ashamed to say it!). Last night we were watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager (Future's End, Part I).

In this episode there is a scene where someone is shocked to find "3,000 gigabytes" of data. It's implied that this is a ridiculously huge amount of data.

It just made me marvel at how far technology has advanced since this episode was made back in 1996. 3,000 gigabytes did seem like a ridiculously huge amount of data back then, when most PCs were running operating systems like Windows 95 and came with a whopping 3 gigabytes of hard drive capacity.

Now? You can easily get a 3 terabyte (3,000 gigabyte)  hard drive for your home computer.



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