My wife is working today

She works multiple jobs. Every single day.

She’s a child care provider. She not only cares for our son, but the children of others - two currently living with us and another during the day on weekdays.

She’s a teacher and private tutor. She has homeschooled our son for the past 4 years. Not only has she meticulously researched and planned the curriculum and sought out and acquired the materials - text books, work books, online resources, paper, pencils, notebooks, etc. - all the classroom materials you would find in a public school classroom, but she has implemented this curriculum well, tailoring it specifically to the interests and needs of our son. She teaches other children once a week at a homeschool co-op and she also helps one of our foster children with her homework every night.

She’s a chef and cook. She plans out a weekly menu, shops for the necessary ingredients, and on a daily basis puts those ingredients together to create delicious meals for 5 people.

She’s a chauffeur. She drives children to and from school, the store, friends’ homes, doctor’s appointments, foster care court dates, foster care visits, and various other activities and events.

She’s a seamstress. In her own spare time - which is precious little - she loves to sew. Especially girl’s clothing like ruffle socks and dresses. She is currently working on making Easter dresses for our foster girls.

She’s a church volunteer. She serves in a volunteer leadership role in our local unit of one of the largest women’s organization in the world at over 7 million members strong - The Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In addition to other leadership responsibilities, she coordinates a group of instructors who teach doctrine-based lessons in Sunday meetings, sometimes teaching lessons herself.

She’s an administrative assistant. She maintains an appointment and event calendar, communicates with various parties via telephone, email, text message, and social media, fills out paperwork, organizes and files documents, does research, and a host of other things an administrative assistant would do.

She’s a house cleaner and organization specialist. Other family members do help out with assigned chores and other tasks, but she is the one who oversees the cleaning and organization of our home.
She’s a gardener. Thanks to her, our family has enjoyed fresh vegetables and fruit from our own back yard for years. Corn, tomatoes, green beans, peas, squash and carrots, to name a few. Last year our apple trees gave us so many apples she made delicious apple butter, apple sauce, bread, and pies. She also cans as much of it as possible for us to enjoy through the winter.

Nurse. Musician. Carpenter. Handywoman. Mediator.

I’m certain I could think of more jobs to list.

I know some days she may feel like quitting. But she doesn’t.

Her deep sense of compassion and empathy causes her to feel what others are feeling on top of what she is feeling herself. Sometimes it all comes to the surface and she needs to let it out.

I try to be there for her in those moments. I try to hold her when she needs to be held. But the truth is, most of the time, she’s the one holding me. And everyone else.

My beautiful, amazing, talented wife is working today. She works multiple jobs. Every single day.

What amazes me most is that she does it all, not for money, but out of love.

I’m not the best at saying or showing it, but I love her, too.

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