School Bonds and the Non-aggression Principle

I believe in the Non-aggression Principle. That is to say, I believe the threat or initiation of violence or force against another person or that person's property is immoral and illegitimate.

As a resident of Logan, and in accordance with this deeply held belief, I voted against the proposed school bond that was on the ballot in this past Tuesday's elections.

The reason for this is very simple. As much as I may value something - in this case, a good education - I have no legitimate right to force that value on another individual.

I do not believe anyone has the right to use the government to force others to do what they believe is right, or to pay for something the believe to be good and necessary, no matter how worthy and good the cause may be.

The passage of this school bond may (and I stress the word MAY) result in a better quality education for participants in public school, but it also burdens our children with government debt, and raises taxes on all property owners, regardless of whether or not they consent.

Some may argue that this is perfectly legitimate and within the government's proper role. I argue that this is no different than me going to my neighbor's house and threatening him with violence if he does not give me money to help pay for my son's education. Whether I am the one doing the threatening, or voting to have government agents do the threatening on my behalf, it is still wrong.


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