A Fresh Start

I have no outside-facing windows in my office at my day job. What windows we do have overlook a vast warehouse and manufacturing facility - not exactly what you would call a "picturesque view".

Long before we moved to the Cache Valley, I discovered the webcams on the Utah State University website. My favorite webcam overlooks Logan and the valley to the west with the imposing Wellsville mountains as a backdrop.

While at work, I keep this view open in a web browser tab and look at it occasionally. I call it my "window".

A good snowstorm rolled through the area most of the day yesterday and, in addition to dropping several inches of fresh powder, cleared out the smoggy, dusty inversion layer that had been hovering over the valley.

When I opened my "window" this morning, I was greeted with this breathtaking scene. Having become accustomed to seeing thick fog and smog obscuring much of the view for the past several days and weeks, I was impressed by the towering mountains in the background and the beautiful colors in the clouds as the morning sun rose. 

It made me think of fresh starts. New beginnings. That's what our move to the Cache Valley over a month ago has meant to us. A new job. New home. New friends. New opportunities. A new life.

So why not start a new blog, too?


  1. That photo looks so fake with the weird sky and the mountains floating in the air.


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